Rayco Resophonic Guitar made of solid mahogani,
sound posts, no buffle, Quaterman cone. I love that guitar.


Meredith SN# 0059 built Aug. 2006. It`s a rosewood spruce top guitar custom
made by Tooter Meredith. It has snowflake inlays, black metal parts and herringbone binding. Incredible workmanship and an awesome sound!
This Scheerhorn was built in 1991.It`s the first one Tim made with f-holes.
It`s serial No. 28 and was custom made for a guy in California. It`s a mapel
R-body and since I got it in 2003 has become my favorite reso.

This instrument was built in the mid- 80s by Bob Reed.
This is definetly the last instrument Bob made before his shop went up in flames.
Body is made of mahogany.

A fantastic luthier named Siegfried Dessl made this reso for me in 2003.
Back and sides are sapele and the top is tobasco.
I always wanted to have a blond dobro and this one is a beauty.

For a detailed view of the neck and body joint click the button:

RQ Jones

For many years this RQ Jones reso has been my main workhorse. Rudi built it in 1981 in his shop in Waynette Oklahoma which is a very cool place. It`s on it`s third cone and second coverplate.

I´ve tried them all, but for me, the Scheerhorn stainless steel bar just can´t be beat.
Pull offs work great with this bar.

I´ve always had a problem with Dobro capos, just never could find the "right" one. So I decided to make my own. This has been an ongoing process for many years, and at this stage I believe I´ve finally got it nailed.

For a complete description and detailed pictures, click the button:

Pro Picks

It takes awhile to shape them, but once they fit comfortabely, they are the only one that don`t stop the blood circulation in your fingertips, even if you wear them for long time.

I also make my own thumbpicks `cause there is no thumbpick available to my knowledge, that is better than the picks I make myselfe. I hate it when the pick rotates around my thumb when I`m picking a string a little too enthusiasticly.


At work I deal a lot with leather, sewing machines, metal hardware and everything else that is needed to make a nice instrument strap. And that`s what I´ve been doing since 1973, when I made my very first strap. And today each of my instruments has it`s own custom made strap.

Galerie of straps made over the past years. Interested?

The strings I use.
Quit experimenting different brands and guages.